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Watch the interview about Georgina spotting that Great White (was it Dr Greta?!) whilst doing Marine Plastic research!


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100% of the profits from our first book, Finn the Fortunate Tiger Shark and his Fantastic Friends, will be split between Greenpeace and the Social Plastic Foundation.  

"Love this new children's book educating young people about ocean conservation."  

Richard Branson, Entrepreneur.

A great message on a crucial subject.

Jeremy Irons, actor.

"A very good book on a very important subject."

Raymond Briggs, Author 



"Finn the Fortunate Tiger Shark is a wonderful story of how we can all make a positive impact in our beautiful world.  I hope it will inspire many generations of children and their parents to learn more about the oceans and their amazing ecosystems!"


John Sauven, Executive Director Greenpeace

"When I was a small person, the planet and all its wonderful creatures weren’t seen to be at risk. Now they are – to a quite horrendous extent. And young people today are really focused on issues like ocean plastics, needing both the facts and the reasons to be hopeful. Georgina Stevens’s wonderful new book provides both – with humour, insight and a powerful call to arms."


Jonathon Porritt, Founder Forum for the Future.

"Our Oceans need our help, and Finn the Fortunate Tiger Shark is a beautiful book which will delight and engage young children on this critical issue.  And when read by Jeremy Irons it sounds magical. Please buy the book and spread the word."


Joss Stone


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